WOCAL5 Information

1. Conference theme African Languages in the Age of Globalization

2. Sub-themes (i) Phonetics and phonology (ii) Morphology (iii) Syntax (iv) Sociolinguistics (v) Dialectology and isoglosses (vi) Lexicography and Terminology (vii) Historical Linguistics (viii) Language and Education (ix) Applied linguistics (x) Language Planning and Implementation (xi) Language and Development (xii) Linguistics and Literacy, experiences

3. Parasessions (i) Endangered Languages Organizer: Matthias Brenzinger (ii) Language Map for Sub-saharan Africa Organizer: Karsten Legere (iii) Language Policy in Africa and ACALAN Organizer: Neville Alexander (iv) Culioli’s theoretical model (new parasession) Organizers: Raphael Kabore & Sylvester Osu

4. Keynote Speeches (i) Ian Maddieson, USA (ii) Bernd Heine, Germany (iii) Alfred Mtenge, Malawi (iv) Felix Ameka, The Netherlands and Ghana (v) Rosalie Finlayson, South Africa

5. Dates The Congress will be held from August 07 to August 11, 2006

6. Venue Sidist Kilo Campus, Addis Ababa University (tentative) subject to change

7. Registration fee (i) USD 100, for participants from outside Africa (ii) USD 40, for those coming from African countries Payment is made after arrival at the desk of registration Registration: starting Saturday August 5 through early Monday morning, August 7.

8. Accommodation: Unfortunately no guesthouse is available. All of you will stay in hotels some of which are listed below with rates and addresses:

Hotels and rates in USD (US dollars)

(i). Hilton Hotel Single room: 90 Double: 110 Tel 251-5-51 84 00 Fax 551 00 64 Email Hilton.addis@telecom.com.net.et (ii). Axum Hotel Single: 30 Double: 34 Large Twin 38 Semi-suit 45 Suit 67 Tel 251-6-61 39 16 Fax 661 42 65 Email axum.d.@telecom.com.net.et (iii) Semien Hotel Single: 32 Double: 38 Twin bed 45 Medium Suit 50 Large Suit 56 Tel 251-1-55 00 67 / 155 23 40 Fax 155 14 10 Email Semienhotel@telecom.net.et (iv). Ras Hotel Single: Br. 156.20 Double: Br. 180.00 Br = local currency Current, exchange rate: 1USD = Br 8.70 Tel. 251-5-551 70 60 Email Ykd.ras@yahoo.com (v). Ghion Hotel Single: 73 Double: 109 Tel. 251-5- 551 32 22 Fax 551 08 71/550 51 50 (vi). Ras Amba Hotel Single: 36 Double: 48 Tel. 251-1-23 32 20 251-1-22 80 80/81 Fax 123 32 21 Email rahot@tel.com.et If you cannot book online, tell us your preferred hotel and we can do the booking for you
Those of you, who would like to stay in less expensive hotel rooms, let us know in advance; we may locate some such places and reserve rooms for you.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact "Baye Mekonnen" bayemekonnen@yahoo.com